Unlimited Internet Provider

No matter what type or size business you are. Lets Using Ultra Fast and Unlimited Internet without quota limits. With the latest technology Fiber Optics and Wireless can make your life faster and easier. Forget your provider that is often in trouble and Internet package is still limited, switch to the Ultra Fast and Unlimited Internet Provider right now!

Unlimited {Internet Provider}

Internet Installation Process

Let our team build and support your Internet. We’ll not only tackle the frustration your employees and customers. We have end-to-end solution for every aspect of Internet services. With RackH Internet, you can get connected to the things you love online at blazing speeds.

Check Your Address

Let us know your location and then we will survey to determine the installation point

Choose a Internet Plan

Choose an internet service that suits your needs or what we recommend

Installation Date

The installation schedule is made according to the agreement

Connect and Enjoy

Enjoy, you are now connected with RackH Internet Unlimited

Enjoy Superfast, Reliable, Internet Broadband and Internet Dedicated

We provide business and home connectivity designed to suit your business and individual needs. We provide advanced technical support and information services management.


Internet with No Quota, No FUP (Fair Usage Policy)


Rent for FREE Internet WiFi Router for Customer

FREE Onsite Support

We offer Onsite Support for FREE to Customer

Managed Service

High-quality Internet Solutions and Service

Indonesia Internet Coverage Area

We offer Broadband Internet, Dedicated Internet and Local Loop Metro Ethernet Service Point to Point, Point to Multi Point, MPLS with Fiber Optic or Wireless Technology. We maintains constructive working relationships with a variety of domestic, regional and global telecommunications partners to ensure the clients needs

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Start growing with RackH today. With the Most Helpful Humans in Application, Hosting and Internet, You're Never Alone.

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