Credit card with a digital display that randomly generates a security code is being launched

A credit card with a digital display that randomly generates a security code is being launched as a way of combating fraud. Oberthur Technologies is currently in discussions with UK banks about rolling out the technology and will have cards “in the hands” of consumers in France by the end of the year. Credit card […]
By : webmaster | Oct 9, 2016

Many Yahoo users rushed on Friday to close their accounts and change passwords

Many Yahoo users rushed on Friday to close their accounts and change passwords as experts warned that the fallout from one of the largest cyber breaches in history could spill beyond the internet company’s services. After Yahoo disclosed on Thursday that hackers had stolen the encrypted passwords and personal details of more than 500 million […]
By : webmaster | Sep 25, 2016

Attack-for-Hire Teens Collared in Israel

At the request of the FBI, Israeli authorities last week arrested Itay Huri and Yarden Bidani, both 18 years old, for operating vDOS, a DDoS-for-hire service that raked in more than half a million dollars in two years. DDoS attacks flood websites with garbage data in order to disrupt their operation and deny users access. […]
By : webmaster | Sep 25, 2016

iPhone 7 Draws Tepid Notices

The iPhone 7 may be the best version of Apple’s smartphone to date, but it’s garnering lukewarm reactions from reviewers and pundits. The practical improvements in the new iPhone are praiseworthy, wrote Andrew Cunningham in his review for Ars Technica, but he cautioned would-be buyers about the price they would have to pay for the […]
By : webmaster | Sep 25, 2016

FairWare Hackers May Take Ransoms, Keep Stolen Files

The latest ransomware intrusion that targets Linux servers, dubbed “FairWare,” may be a classic server hack designed to bilk money from victims with no intent to return stolen files after payment in bitcoins is made. Tech support site Bleeping Computer earlier this week reported the threat, based on server administrator comments on its forum. Other […]
By : webmaster | Sep 5, 2016

Mozilla Releases Tool for Site Owners to Assess Website Security

The majority of site owners are not doing nearly enough to secure their websites, as over 90 percent of the 1.4 million sites scanned by the new security assessment tool launched by Mozilla received a failing grade. Mozilla recently released Observatory, which it had developed and used internally, for site owners to scan and assess […]
By : webmaster | Sep 5, 2016

How Facebook Made Its Data Warehouse Faster

Brought to you by Data Center Knowledge Facebook says it’s time to change the way we compress digital files because the methods used in nearly all compression today were created in the nineties, when both hardware and the problems compression needed to solve were very different. The company has created a new compression algorithm – […]
By : webmaster | Sep 5, 2016

New Ransomware Targets Linux Servers, Deletes Files

A ransomware threat called FairWare has been discovered which deletes files from Linux servers, and offers to restore them for a ransom of two Bitcoins (roughly $1,150), paid within two weeks, Bleeping Computer reports. It is unknown whether the cybercriminals behind the campaign have the capability to restore lost files, but they have threatened to […]
By : webmaster | Sep 5, 2016

Dropbox Haunted by 2012 Security Breach, More Than 68M User Logins Leaked

The 2012 breach of credentials from Dropbox involved over 68 million user accounts, according to new reports. Dropbox was not particularly forthcoming in its initial response to the breach, which it turns out must have represented most, if not all, of its user accounts at the time. Motherboard reported on Tuesday that it had obtained […]
By : webmaster | Sep 5, 2016
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